About Us

For All Your Furniture Needs

Desley, established in Bloemfontein (1989), is a family business focusing on all customer furniture needs. We have a broad spectrum of furniture services that we can offer, including supplying brand new, as well as second hand furniture. Antique furniture is also a category that we specialize in. We offer trade ins, valuate goods and give quotations on your furniture as well.

Purchasing almost anything at Desley will result in having it delivered right on your very own doorstep. In short, we pursue the challenge to be the one stop business to satisfy all your furniture needs.


Our Business

We offer anything that involves furnishing our customers’ homes, from supplying new goods all the way through to valuating and buying back purchased goods and everything in between.


Our Mission

To be the one stop business to all customers and their furniture needs by giving not only the best service but going beyond what is expected from us.


Our Vision

To be a nation-wide furniture supplier to our customers and excel at giving excellent service.